The author

I’m a Canadian living in Beijing that loves to travel. I started the hobby of photography in 2016 so that I’d be able to capture memories of my aging parents. It took on a whole new level of meaning when I fell in love with the process of photography and the technical aspects behind it. They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something; if we assume I spend 1-2 hours a day learning and practicing photography, I’ll reach the expert stage somewhere between 2029 and 2043!

While I go on this journey of practicing and learning, I created this site as a way to share images and travel insight to friends and family across the internet. It’s also a way to give something back for all the fantastic travel and photography blogs I’ve used as a source of education, guidance and gear reviews. Over time, I hope this site will become a valuable source of information for gear selection, travel information and to enable a more productive photography journey.

This is a non-commercial website that is fully self-funded. If you enjoy reading this site, please consider adding your comments to the posts; it’s the interaction with people from around the world that makes it worth the effort.

Blogs that I use for inspiration

Jonas Rask Photography
Medium Format Insider
Leica Insider
Fujifilm Insider

Camera gear

I’m often asked what photography gear I use. I’m really big on the user experience in everything I do in life. I’m not about the technology, but rather the experience of getting to an outcome. I appreciate that I give up some ease of use with my choices, but I enjoy the challenge and frankly, my gear is way more advanced than my skill.

I’m currently using the following systems, with the Sony A7R5 being the most recent addition. The Fujifilm X-T5 system is in the process of being put up for sale. I usually take two cameras on trips, with an assortment of lenses appropriate for the trip environment:

(new) Fujifilm GFX100 II (currently under review)
Fujifilm GFX100S
Fujinon GF45 F2.8
Fujinon GF50 F3.5
(new) Fujinon GF55 F1.7
Fujinon GF80 F1.7
Fujinon GF110 F2 (another favourite lens)
Fujinon GF20-35 F4
Fujinon GF32-64 F4
Fujinon GF45-100 F4
Fujinon GF100-200 F5.6
Fujinon GF250 F4

Leica M11
Leica 35MM Summilux F1.4 FLE
Leica 35MM Summilux F1.4 Pre-Aspherical
Voigtlander 35MM F2 Ultron Classic Type II Aspherical
Voigtlander 50MM Nokton F1.2
Leica 90MM Elmarit F2.8

Sony A7R5
Sony 35MM F1.4 GM
Sony 50MM F1.4 GM
Sigma 35MM F2 DG DN
Sigma 50MM F2 DG DN
Sigma 85MM F1.4 DG DN

Fujifilm X-T5
Rokinon 12MM F2
Fujinon XF16MM F1.4 (my favourite lens of all time)
Fujinon XF23MM F2
Fujinon XF23MM F1.4 WR
Fujinon XF33MM F1.4 (pretty close to the XF16 as an all time favourite)
Fujinon XF56MM F1.2 Mk.2

My photography journey is still pretty short, so I haven’t had that much gear to sell or retire, but here’s the list of gear that served me well in the past and has now either gone onto a bookshelf or sold to its next caretaker:

Fujinon GF63 F2.8 (for sale)
Fujinon XF70-300MM F4-5.6 (sold)
Fujifilm X-T4 (sold to a happy new owner)
Fujifilm GFX 50R (sold to a very happy new owner)
Fujifilm X-Pro2 (retired and now used as art)
Fujifilm X-Pro1 (sold to a good friend that continues to use it as a pseudo digital “film camera”)
Fujifilm X-T10 (donated to my nephew to try and trigger his photography journey)
Fujinon XF35 F2 (sold)
Fujinon XF56MM F1.2 Mk.1 (sold)
Leica M10 (sold to a very happy new owner)
Fujifilm X100V (sold after three years for MSRP)
Fujinon XF55-200MM (sold)

I’m often asked which camera system I like better. It’s no contest that I prefer the Fujifilm systems more, namely because of how fun they are to use. If I were to own only one camera to do it all, it would have to be the Sony A7R5. Having said that, the build quality of the Leica and the way it looks is somewhat akin to owning a fine watch or a piece of art; even when it’s not in use, it’s gorgeous to touch and look at. I see myself making lots of personal sacrifices to ensure I can own a Leica for many years to come.

Hope you enjoy the site and find it valuable; please keep in touch and don’t be shy to leave comments.