Fujinon GF20-35 F4 First Images

I know how anxious many of you are to see real life images from a production Fujinon GF20-35 lens, so please bear with me that this is not a review, nor a first impressions. It’s just the first few images I took from my newly acquired Fujinon GF20-35MM F4 lens for the GFX system. Where appropriate, I’ve included a link where you can download a ZIP file with the full-size JPEG images so that you can pixel peep to your heart’s desire.

A full first impressions review is in progress, but I’ll share a few thoughts after using the lens for several hours:

  • Much lighter than I expected, especially given its size, which is just about the same as the GF32-64
  • Sharp from F4 through to F11 from corner to corner, at all focal lengths
  • The lack of a linear focusing motor doesn’t seem to have any negative impact on focus speed
  • Zooms internally so the lens does not grow when zooming like the GF32-64 does
  • As expected of a wide angle zoom, there is software distortion and vignetting correction at play, which can be seen in the test images below

First Images

Please note that these images are edited to taste and may include cropping, keystone and other corrections. I treed to provide a variety of images to give you a sense of the lens’ capabilities. For unedited images, please see the test images gallery below.

Test Images (available for download here @ 186MB)

Please note that these are only processed for exposure; no other corrections have been applied. You can download the ZIP file (186MB) to view them in their full 102MP resolution.

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