View from Bitexco Tower

Saigon, Vietnam

Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City (both names are commonly used in 2019) is the commercial and financial capital of Vietnam; it is also the most populous city in Vietnam with a population of 9 million (14 million in the metropolitan area).

Milan Cathedral

Milan, Italy

As our trip was winding down, we had already concluded that Italy lived up to the hype and we had totally fallen in love with the country, its people, and the incredible food. When we were planning our trip, many …

Milan, Italy

Siena, Tuscany Italy

Siena, Italy

After Florence, we drove southeast for a little over an hour to Siena, the medieval town. When we arrived in Siena, we had to park the car well outside the city due to the ZTL (see the Sorrento post for …

Siena, Italy