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Nitecore FX2 Pro Review

Updated: February 25, 2020 One of the first things I do when I buy a new camera is to buy a second battery. Fortunately, in…

ByByfcracerFeb 1, 2019

Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China

This post will be short as I’ve covered most of the relevant content in the previous visit to Chengdu, however I wanted to share some…

ByByfcracerOct 25, 2021

Sunrise in Toronto

This post will be a very short one. I had a conference to attend in Toronto earlier this month and had the opportunity to stay…

ByByfcracerApr 29, 2019

Kyoto, Japan

For this trip to Japan, we kept the itinerary simple with three nights in Osaka and four nights in Kyoto. If you want to read…

ByByfcracerApr 19, 2019

Tuscany, Italy

While Siena was awesome and we could have easily spent more time exploring the town, we also used it as a base to tour around…

ByByfcracerNov 9, 2019

Hutongs at Qianmen Part 2, Beijing, China

Continuing the series on Beijing neighbourhoods started with the Hutongs at Beilu Guxiang and the first foray into the vast Qianmen area, today I’d like to…

ByByfcracerJul 21, 2021