Chiang Mai Redux, Thailand

For the keen readers of this blog, you’ll know that I’ve shown pictures from Chiang Mai in the not to distant past. Those images were from a trip taken in November 2017; I was a bit behind in posting them so they went up earlier this year.

Chiang Mai has become a bit of a favourite destination for us and we headed back there again with some friends to show them around this great city in Thailand. Because we had been before, we focused more of our energy on eating and relaxing.

The below are a few images from the trip, taken mostly with the GFX 50R and Leica M10.

GFX 50R 63mm ISO-500 1/80sec f/8
GFX 50R 45mm ISO-800 1/7sec f/5.6
GFX 50R 45mm ISO-500 1/80sec f/2.8
GFX 50R 45mm ISO-100 1/240sec f/8
GFX 50R 45mm ISO-200 1/1500sec f/4
GFX 50R 45mm ISO-200 1/200sec f/2.8
GFX 50R 45mm ISO-800 1/80sec f/2.8
GFX 50R 110mm ISO-160 1/160sec f/2.8
GFX 50R 45mm ISO-1600 1/80sec f/4
GFX 50R 110mm ISO-640 1/160sec f/4
GFX 50R 110mm ISO-200 1/950sec f/4
GFX 50R 45mm ISO-200 1/450sec f/8
GFX 50R 45mm ISO-4000 1/80sec f/5.6
GFX 50R 45mm ISO-800 1/80sec f/5.6
LEICA M10 35mm ISO-200 1/250sec f/2
LEICA M10 35mm ISO-200 1/125sec f/1.4
LEICA M10 35mm ISO-200 1/250sec f/2
GFX 50R 45mm ISO-200 1/150sec f/5.6
GFX 50R 45mm ISO-100 7sec f/5.6

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Great photos thx for them

As always great pictures!

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