Sunrise in Toronto

This post will be a very short one. I had a conference to attend in Toronto earlier this month and had the opportunity to stay in a new hotel called Hotel X. While the hotel has a less than enticing name, it’s actually a very good hotel in a unique location on the CNE grounds, near the lake.

The room I stayed in had a fantastic view of Toronto’s growing skyline. With the conference starting very early every day, it provided a good opportunity to catch the sunrise over Lake Ontario and through the CN Tower. I didn’t have any other opportunities to re-explore my second hometown, so I can only share a few images below.

Toronto at sunrise
Blue hour Toronto Downtown; GFX 50R 63mm ISO-100 2sec f/5
Toronto at sunrise
Sunrise Toronto Downtown; GFX 50R 63mm ISO-100 1/80sec f/5.6
Toronto at sunrise
Full sunrise Toronto Downtown; GFX 50R 100mm ISO-100 1/15sec f/8

Something I noticed after editing the last image is that is appears the camera captured an meteorite! I’m a bit dumbfounded however because I setup the camera to take a shot every minute using the interval timer function on the GFX50R.

The streak is in at least four images which span four minutes. I always thought a meteorite would move quickly when it’s visible at that distance from the horizon. If you know how the physics of this works, please let me know below.

Is it an asteroid?

What do you think it is? Is it an asteroid? What else could it be?

Update: Since making the post, I’ve been informed by knowledgeable people that it is likely an airplane contrail. This is unfortunately much less exciting than a meteorite or asteroid! 🙂

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