Jingshan Park, Beijing, China

This post will be a short one. If you travel to Beijing, a must visit location is the Forbidden City or Palace Museum as it’s called in China. However, there’s a small park just north of the Palace Museum that is also a must visit, but often missed location.

Beijing sunset
GFX 50R 147.9mm ISO-200 1/450sec f/8
Beijing skyline sunset
GFX 50R 200mm ISO-400 1/80sec f/5.6

Jingshan Park can be found at the north exit of the Palace Museum. There are entrances on the west, east and north sides. The north and west sides have some parking, but it’s best to take a Didi (China’s much better Uber), the subway, or by walking.

Beijing sunset
GFX 50R 200mm ISO-200 1/125sec f/5.6
Beijing mountain skyline sunset
GFX 50R 200mm ISO-200 1/6sec f/5.6

Like all good view locations, there’s a bit of a hike up the hill that will take a fit person five minutes; if you’re less fit, give yourself 10-15 minutes to get up there. There are five levels and podiums from which you can enjoy the views from, but the best continues to be the very highest one.

Beijing sunset
GFX 50R 100mm ISO-200 1/1sec f/5.6
Beijing mountain skyline sunset
GFX 50R 176.6mm ISO-200 1.7sec f/5.6

If you’re superstitious, you should know that Emperor Chongzhen hanged himself in Jingshan Park, so avoid that section if that kind of thing bothers you.  

Beijing mountain skyline sunset
GFX 50R 130.6mm ISO-200 1/1sec f/5.6
Beijing skyline at night
GFX 50R 170.5mm ISO-400 5.3sec f/8

If you go at sunset like I did, expect there to be a lot of people, but surprisingly for clamped down Beijing, they actually allow tripods and somehow, everyone gets enough space to get the shots they want. I saw some serious camera machinery up there including hefty tripods and very long lenses.

Palace Museum Beijing
GFX 50R 100mm ISO-1600 1/80sec f/8
Beijing skyline
GFX 50R 200mm ISO-500 1/80sec f/8

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