Hong Kong is Back!

This post is long overdue, but I think it’s still important to share this with my readers because I’d love to see you come to Asia and enjoy this incredible city. Hong Kong has actually been back for several months now; I’d say the exact date was March 1, 2023 when the government lifted the mask mandate.

Since that time, Hong Kong has hosted a number of major events. The city has come alive again and the hustle and bustle that made Hong Kong famous is back in full force. World renowned restaurants are full again, with reservations recommended at least three weeks in advance.

LEICA M11 50mm ISO-1000 1/250sec f/2
LEICA M11 35mm ISO-64 1/125sec f/5.6

Hotels are back to being expensive, but worth it given all the great things you can do in Hong Kong; you can shop, eat, party, safely explore, and hopefully try some new things like enjoying the rapidly evolving and expanding arts scene, or taking the time away from the city to enjoy the beautiful nature, all less than an hour away.

The Hong Kong government is serious about rebooting its image and reinvigorating tourism. They’ve launched a “Hello Hong Kong” campaign. Notwithstanding the cheesy naming, it shows the dedication the government has to earn your tourism money. I can feel it walking around the streets as well, with shopkeepers and restaurant staff, all eager to make a good impression.

GFX100S 45mm ISO-200 1/90sec f/8
X-T5 33mm ISO-160 1/9sec f/1.4

If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines, now is the time to plan your visit to Hong Kong. Ideal season is September to November or March to May if you don’t like hot and humid conditions. If you’re a hot and humid lover, it’s hard to beat Hong Kong in the summer, especially with its breezy (but still warm) evenings.

If you plan to visit, let me know; I’ll be happy to provide some ideas on where you can go, especially if you’re looking for photography spots like Crow’s Nest, Jardine’s Lookout, The Vantage Point, Sha Tin Pass Road, The Unesco Global Geopark, and so many more.

Hope to see you in Hong Kong soon!

X100V 23mm ISO-160 1/220sec f/5.6
LEICA M11 35mm ISO-64 1/2500sec f/2
LEICA M11 50mm ISO-1600 1/100sec f/3.4
LEICA M11 50mm ISO-800 1/100sec f/2
LEICA M11 50mm ISO-800 1/100sec f/2.4
LEICA M11 35mm ISO-1600 1/80sec f/2.4
LEICA M11 35mm ISO-1250 1/80sec f/4
GFX100S 45mm ISO-200 1/90sec f/8

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