Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls, Hong Kong

Continuing with the Hong Kong staycation theme, the past weekend, we made our way over to a less well known destination in Hong Kong called the Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls located in the New Territories. This beautiful hiking route includes not just one waterfall, but four of them, with each presenting itself like an achievement of having climbed the next level of a hiking game.

Ng Tung Chai Village
GFX 50R 32mm ISO-1600 1/100sec f/16
Bottom Fall Ng Tung Chai Hong Kong
Bottom Falls; GFX 50R 34.4mm ISO-100 1.1sec f/11

For this adventure, we used the excellent guide at to find our way around and it turned out be an excellent choice because every detail was spot on; as a result, this post will be short on guidance and focus more on a few images. The hike itself was pretty easy compared to some of the monster hikes we’ve been doing in Hong Kong lately such as Sharp Peak.

Middle Falls, Ng Tung Chai Hong Kong
Middle Falls; GFX 50R 32mm ISO-500 1/60sec f/8
Main Falls Ng Tung Chai Hong Kong
Main Falls; GFX 50R 32mm ISO-100 15sec f/10

Hiking in 32C and high humidity is always a challenge, but what makes this hike unique is that you get a refreshing waterfall to dip into every hundred meters or so. Put the effort in and reap the rewards of taking a dip in crystal clear cool water. The total elevation we recorded on the hike was 430 with a gradual buildup. At the end however, it’s pretty much straight down so take your time to enjoy the hike up.

Scatter Falls Ng Tung Chai Hong Kong
Scatter Falls, the highest waterfall on the hike; GFX 50R 37.6mm ISO-50 1/3sec f/11

Of the four waterfalls, I think m favourite is the Middle Falls. We stopped at each one and took a quick dip to cool off, but I think the water and atmosphere felt the best at Middle Falls. Main Falls is where everyone seems to congregate, but it gives more of a party atmosphere rather than the Zen environment we were looking after after a hectic week.

Middle Falls, Ng Tung Chai Hong Kong
Middle Falls; GFX 50R 35mm ISO-100 1/7sec f/22

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a part of Hong Kong that many people don’t know exists. In a few days, I’ll be posting up some sunset and blue hour images taken from Jardine’s Lookout, a spot that has an epic vantage point of the Hong Kong skyline. I think it will provide a good balance to all of these nature images I’ve been sharing lately.

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