Hangzhou, China

Just around Hallowe’en last year, I got an invitation from my friend to visit Hangzhou and check out his partner’s new restaurant. Not having travelled for most of 2020, I jumped at the chance to get out of the city. Hangzhou is a beautiful city known for West Lake, tea plantations, and of course, being the hometown of Jack Ma and his tech empire Alibaba.

Hangzhou is about 175km southwest from Shanghai and takes less than one hour by bullet train. From Beijing, it’s only a five hour train ride on the super efficient bullet trains (Fuxing) that zigzag all over Mainland China. Buying tickets for the Fuxing is much easier for foreigners now as the entry/exit gates now accept foreign passports; no more standing in 1hr lineups to get paper tickets!

I’ll let the images speak for themselves, but needless to say, it’s a really picturesque part of China, especially West Lake, the Longjing tea plantations, and the area surrounding both sites.

West Lake; GFX 50R 64mm ISO-100 1/300sec f/8
West Lake; GFX 50R 32mm ISO-2500 1/500sec f/16
West Lake; GFX 50R 64mm ISO-200 1/250sec f/8
Longjing Town; GFX 50R 32mm ISO-640 1/80sec f/8
Longjing Tea Plantations; GFX 50R 100mm ISO-400 1/80sec f/5.6
Longjing Tea Plantations; GFX 50R 52.7mm ISO-400 1/80sec f/8
Longjing Tea Plantations; GFX 50R 32mm ISO-200 1/180sec f/4
Photography is alive and well in Hangzhou! GFX 50R 51.7mm ISO-2500 1/100sec f/4
Scariest cat I’ve ever seen! GFX 50R 64mm ISO-100 1/300sec f/5

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