Pienza, Tuscany, Italy, 2022

While staying at Argiano Dimore, we took a few day trips to Pienza and Montalcino. Pienza, often called the “prettiest town in the world” is located in Tuscany, Italy. The central Piazza is framed by 15th-century buildings like the Pienza Cathedral and Piccolomini Palace. The latter was Pope Pius II’s summer residence and features a roof garden with valley views.

The town is full of small restaurants, cafes and arts and crafts. I’d highly recommend spending a day or two there to really explore all the small shops through the maze of alleys. The views from the perimeter are well worth the walk around. There are wine tastings available throughout the town from the wineries in the vicinity. Pienza really is stunning, so I’ll let the images speak for themselves.

GFX100S 80mm ISO-200 1/640sec f/1.7
GFX100S 26.3mm ISO-200 1/60sec f/16
GFX100S 35mm ISO-200 1/550sec f/8
GFX100S 32mm ISO-640 1/25sec f/8
GFX100S 32mm ISO-200 1/40sec f/8
GFX100S 32mm ISO-200 1/640sec f/8
GFX100S 32mm ISO-200 1/140sec f/8
GFX100S 26.7mm ISO-500 1/20sec f/8
GFX100S 24.8mm ISO-320 1/20sec f/8
GFX100S 35mm ISO-320 1/27sec f/8
GFX100S 35mm ISO-200 1/52sec f/8
GFX100S 20mm ISO-320 1/15sec f/8
GFX100S 25.5mm ISO-200 1/56sec f/14
GFX100S 80mm ISO-200 1/420sec f/5.6
GFX100S 80mm ISO-200 1/5800sec f/1.7
GFX100S 22.4mm ISO-200 1/600sec f/4
GFX100S 80mm ISO-100 1/320sec f/8

2 thoughts on “Pienza, Tuscany, Italy, 2022”

  1. Hi
    Thanks for sharing these nice photos.
    Which film simulation did you use, particularly for the first one; pleasant mood indeed!

    1. For this set, I tried something new. I used an RNI Films style called “Kodak Gold 200”. The Astia Fuji Film simulations looked great, but it didn’t capture the golden colour that we experienced throughout Pienza so I decided to try this different style.

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