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Hutongs at Beiluo Guxiang, Beijing, China

Having lived in Beijing for eight years now, I’ve started to take things for granted. There are amazing neighbourhoods to explore in this 3,000 year…

ByByfcracerApr 7, 2021

Qingdao Part 2, China

This is a continuation and part 2 of the Qingdao series. We stayed primarily in the old town area called Badaguan Scenic Area where there’s…

ByByfcracerMay 31, 2021

5,000,000 views and 35,000 downloads

The Unsplash experiment A year ago, I decided to try an experiment to see what happens when you upload images to a free stock image…

ByByfcracerNov 4, 2019

Saigon, Vietnam

This will be a two post series from Vietnam. We booked five nights in Saigon at the The Myst Dong Khoi from December 20th to…

ByByfcracerJan 2, 2020

Daxing Airport, Beijing, China

While there are a number of interesting airports that I’ve transited through in my travels, I never thought that I’d come across one that took…

ByByfcracerDec 16, 2020

Website Improvements

When I started this website in early 2018, the intention was for it to be a place where I could give something back to the…

ByByfcracerJan 27, 2020