HOVERAir X1 Self-Flying Camera

I’m so excited to share the HOVERAir X1 with you. Rarely have I been so amazed at technology as I have with the X1. This incredible device completely changes how a flying camera should operate. It fixes all the issues that surface from sophisticated drones when all you want is to take a few simple videos. 

Hover X1 Top View

Having to take out a controller, connect the flying camera to the controller or a mobile device, and then waiting for the GPS to lock on, are things of the past with the X1.

As usual, I purchased it at full price (~USD 399) from JD.COM and have no affiliation or sponsorship from Zero Zero Robotics. As a sidenote, for English speakers, the company name sounds odd, but in Chinese, it sounds rather cool where “Zero” is pronounced “Ling”.

What is the X1?

Let’s start with the most important point. It’s not a drone per se because it doesn’t have GPS and its manual controls are rudimentary and secondary. Think of it as an autonomous flying camera that uses visual recognition to track subjects while making videos. 

Hover X1 Side Folded View

The X1 comes with a series of pre-programmed flight paths that can quickly and easily be utilized without any controllers or knowledge. Since it doesn’t use GPS, you don’t have to wait for it to lock onto satellites. It’s also permissible (for now) in places that forbid drones.

How does it work?

The X1 is magical to use in real life. It feels like something that shouldn’t work, but it somehow does. It feels like we fast-forwarded to 2040 instead of 2023. To use the X1 is incredibly simple:

  1. Unfold the device
  2. Hold it in the palm of your hand
  3. Long press the power button
  4. Choose one of the pre-programmed flight paths
  5. Ensure the camera is able to have a clear line of sight to you (this is key for it to complete its flight paths)
  6. While holding the X1 in your palm, press the power button
  7. The drone will launch and complete its pro-programmed flight path
  8. And now the magical part… when the X1 is finished its flight path, it will come back to where it started and hover; to get it to land, you place your palm under it. The X1 uses its cameras to land into your palm

You’ll note that no phone or controller was required to capture the footage. Only the device is required, nothing else.

What flight paths can it take?

The X1 comes pre-programmed with “Hover” which stays in place and will rotate to follow the subject, “Follow” which follows the subject from behind, “Orbit” which flies around the subject, “Zoom Out” which is similar to DJI’s Dronie and “Bird’s Eye” which flies straight up and rotates the subject below it.

You can also program one button to create your own flight path from the mobile phone app. In addition, if you want to adjust the pro-programmed flight paths, each one has some customization available (i.e., you can adjust the height of the various flight paths).

What’s the video like?

For a tiny and super lightweight (125g) device, the 2.7k @ 30fps video coming from it was more than good enough. It’s so easy to use that you can even use it as an indoor selfie camera as it hovers and follows your position in the room.  

Hover X1 Front Folded View

How’s the battery life?

In my testing, the battery lasted for a little over 12 minutes when the wind was light. If the flight path is a complicated one or if there’s a lot of wind, the battery life will be shorter. I’d recommend getting the combination package which in China included two batteries, an external charger and a hard case.

Who is this for?

The X1 is for anyone that wants quick and cinematic videos without the hassle of using a traditional drone. It’s also for people that live in restricted drone areas where GPS enabled or high-flying devices are banned, even at low flying heights.

The X1 is also for people that want to experience what the future of robotics feels like in an affordable and user-friendly package. Using the X1 feels like a leap into the future. It’s super fun to pull out with friends and watch everyone’s jaws hit the ground.  

Hover X1 Front Unfolded View and Box

Where can you buy it?

Distribution seems to be limited for this device. In China, we can purchase it from JD.COM, but in North America, Europe and the UK, it seems the best place is directly from the company at thehover.com. 

Want more information?

I’d highly recommend searching on YouTube because words cannot do justice to this device. You have to see it in action and better yet, to use it yourself. It takes next to no time to get accustomed to how it works and then the magic happens. 

6 thoughts on “HOVERAir X1 Self-Flying Camera”

  1. I purchased my Hover Air X1 recently, just before my wife and I took a long awaited vacation. Only five years since the two of us got married and started our estate planning law firm in Southern California. The reason we couldn’t have a vacation was because starting up any new business, like our law firm, takes time and total focus. But what we found when on our vacation in the British Virgin Islands was that the Hover Air X1 has total focus covered, and more.

    We took it on a kayak trip from our 42 foot catamaran over to an empty beach on a beautiful island. The dangers were obvious. Tipping the kayak over upon launch from the boat. The same when leaving from shore. But what we were able to capture while onshore was amazing. Beautiful views from the Hover while we walked on the pristine white sandy beach. At another location, we had it hover in place while interested onlookers were amazed with it, asking questions about it and where they could buy it. Amazon was my answer. So easy, all of it was.

    Why to buy it. Have you ever taken a picture of your loved one only to have you excluded from it? The Hover Air X1 answers that problem. It becomes your camera person, only a reach into your pocket away from being able to have dramatic “swoop” out and in videos of you and whoever you are with. And if you want to spur conversations, just bring it along and have others see you using it. Those new conversations and potential friendships are right around the corner.

    What’s next? This is an incredible product. Next up is “Gesture Control”. Imagine sending your (don’t think “drone” because it isn’t truly one) flying camera up off of your palm. It hovers, waiting for you to make a gesture. You can then command it to do anything you like as it films you. Circle you, shoot up and away, follow you, and many other things that are all pre programmed flight modea.

    My wife and I haven’t yet used Gesture Control (it comes out in the next few days as of this writing) but we do look forward to it. And the memories that we have already taken from it have been priceless. We do indeed love this product and plan on using it for many years to come, and wherever we go.

    Cheers, Phil and Maria.

    1. Hi Phil, thanks for sharing your experience with the Hover X1, I appreciate it. With all the gear I have, I sometimes forget to use them! This inspired me to bring the Hover X1 out on my next trip. I also found that people were astonished at it and would come up to talk to me. A great conversation starter!

  2. Hi
    Thank you for the comprehensive information, I have one question , would it ‘follow’ me if there are other people around (i.e. on a beach / park etc ) where it might be busy?

    Wm Hamilton

    1. Hi William. When using the various autonomous modes, the camera first visually scans the target. This process involves the camera gimbal taking an up/down sweep of the target, with a confirmation LED showing when it’s complete. The Hover X1 then uses that image to know what to track.

      In my usage thus far, I haven’t found it to follow other people on the beach or even inside the house. On our recent trip to Whistler, my 79-year old Mom enjoyed using the Hover X1 inside the house to record her cooking. Even with people coming in front of and around the Hover X1, it stayed locked onto Mom.

      Where I have seen issues is that the Hover X1 will sometimes get confused in environments with a lot of visual stimulus such as a dense and dark forest area. In those situations, the Hover X1 will stop following and hover in position. This has happened a few times, and always in visually dense environments.

      It’s such a cool device that feels like magic. I took it into the office to show to my tech savvy CEO. He was running around the office and made a hilarious video making it look like the Hover X1 was chasing him down to autonomously attack him. The tenacity of the follow me mode was amazing, even in that visually dense environment, with people, desks, and glass windows. The Hover X1 did eventually crash into one of the glass walls, but it crashed gracefully without any damage.

      Hope the above helps. Please let me know if you get one and what you think of it.

      1. William Hamilton

        Hi FCRACER
        Thanks for the information , that has answered my query , thank you.

        Wm. Hamilton

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